European Platform Against Trafficking in Human Beings

About trafficking

Tackling trafficking in human beings at European level

La Strada International is a European NGO Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings, that works from a human rights perspective in support of trafficked persons.
The platform aims to prevent human trafficking and to protect and realize trafficked persons' rights. This is done by providing access to adequate assistance and support, by information provision and exchange and capacity building of NGOs and other relevant stakeholders. Much focus is put on monitory and advocacy for change and cross-sectoral cooperation to ensure accountability for the effective implementation of European anti-trafficking policies and regulations at national European level.

La Strada International is active at a broad European level. Currently, the platform comprises 22 member organisations and one associate member in 22 European countries. All members are NGOs, operating independently and at a grassroot level.

Latest news

UN Network on Migration launches Policy Brief on Covid-19

The UN Network on Migration has launched a Policy Brief in response to the impact of Covid-19 on migrants.

The policy brief calls for increased access to services for migrants. It provides practical guidance for States and other stakeholders on how to achieve safe and inclusive access to services for migrants.

Improved labour conditions in the garment industry

This month, the Dutch government supported calls from STITCH, a group of organisations, calling for improved labour conditions in the garment industry.

This support manifests as a new collaborative multi-year project in the country, aimed at promoting workers’ rights for those in key garment manufacturing nations where wage concerns and accusations of harassment are rife.

La Strada International deplores the killing of Trafficked Migrants in Libya

30 trafficked migrants have been killed in a shooting in Libya, a long-term country of transit for migrants wanting to reach Europe. The IOM currently estimates that there are more than 650,000 migrants from 40 countries in Libya. These migrants are often housed in terrible living conditions, subject to physical abuse and beatings, and risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean often in rickety boats.

La Strada International provides input to the Commission

La Strada International has provided input for the European Commission’s Third Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings.