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La Strada International is the network of all La Strada members, represented by an international secretariat with the same name. The secretariat, based in Amsterdam, focuses on international networking, lobbying and public relations on behalf of the member organisations, producing common policies and action plans and harmonised lobby and advocacy programmes. The secretariat maintains and expands the relations of the La Strada network with national and international organisations, national governments, European institutions and UN bodies. The secretariat supports capacity building of the members and provides a forum for NGOs on the issue of trafficking. It also houses an international archive and documentation centre and manages the international La Strada website.

All La Strada member organisations are registered as independent non-governmental organisations and work at the grassroots level. They are united in the general assembly of La Strada International, the decision-making organ of the network, which determines strategies and policies and elects the board members. The board supervises the international secretariat.


In 2016, La Strada International receives project support from the European Commission, ICCO/Church in Action, the Norwegian Government and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Latest news

Justice at Last - Access to Compensation for Trafficked Persons

Today, on EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2016, we call on European governments to implement ten action points to improve access to justice and compensation for trafficked persons. 

Statement on Amnesty International policy on sex workers rights

La Strada International welcomes Amnesty International’s policy on sex workers' rights and decriminalisation of sex work

Tackling human trafficking at the roots

This article by Amy Weatherburn from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel highlights some of the achievements of the TRACE project so far.

LSI Statement on EU Ant-Trafficking Day

On the ninth EU Anti-Trafficking Day, La Strada International calls for improved labour protection for all (migrant) workers and increased identification of trafficked persons in all sectors of the economy.