European Network Against Trafficking in Human Beings

What can I do?

What can you do for LSI?

Volunteer jobs or internships at one of the La Strada offices?

All La Strada offices work with volunteers. However, these are local volunteers living in the La Strada countries. In case you are interested in volunteering and/or in an internship at any of the La Strada offices, you can directly address the relevant organisation.

Volunteer jobs or internships at the international office in Amsterdam

Currently La Strada International can not offer any volunteer or internship possitions at our office.  

Support La Strada International

La Strada International is an independent organisation that receives financial support from various donor agencies. In 2018, La Strada International receives funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission.  

You can financially support LSI and its members with a donation, see below for the options. In case you would like to have a specific destination for your gift, please notify us in advance.

Donate online

You can donate online, using the following payment methods*
iDEAL (Dutch bank)
Notarized donation (Dutch tax advantage)
* NB: 10% administration costs and regular bank charges

Donation via PayPal

You can make a donation via the online payment system PayPal. When you log in to your PayPal account, simply click on the button Send money, enter the e-mail, select the amount and currency and follow the instructions on screen. In your e-mail you can specify for what (or in which La Strada country) you want your donation to be used.

Donations by direct bank transfer*

Account holder: La Strada International Association
Name of bank: ING Bank
Account holder address: Amsterdam
Account number: 230 40 26
IBAN: NL72INGB0002304026
* NB: No administration costs, only regular bank charges

Although LSI has no approbation mark, the organisation is checked annually by independent auditors. Donors of more than € 100 can request a copy of our annual audit report.

Last will gift

You can decide to provide funds to La Strada International in your will.

Donate with fiscal benefits

A gift to La Strada International can be beneficial for companies.

Gifts by Notary Act

A gift by notary act is fiscally deductible. Depending on your income, you can receive up to a maximum of 52% of your gift back.

Latest news

Justice at Last - Access to Compensation for Trafficked Persons

Today, on EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2016, we call on European governments to implement ten action points to improve access to justice and compensation for trafficked persons. 

Statement on Amnesty International policy on sex workers rights

La Strada International welcomes Amnesty International’s policy on sex workers' rights and decriminalisation of sex work

Tackling human trafficking at the roots

This article by Amy Weatherburn from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel highlights some of the achievements of the TRACE project so far.

LSI Statement on EU Ant-Trafficking Day

On the ninth EU Anti-Trafficking Day, La Strada International calls for improved labour protection for all (migrant) workers and increased identification of trafficked persons in all sectors of the economy.