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Good Practices on (re)Integration of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in Six European Countries

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Good Practices on (re)Integration of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in Six European Countries
Cristina Talens, Cecile Landman, BlinN, Change, Oxfam GB
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Guidelines/Recommendations, Training Material/Resources,
Reflection period, Residency permit, Identification, Social assistance, Victim protection, Empowerment, Redress, Advocacy, Civil society, NGO, Human Rights approach, Identification (of Victims) Protection, Legal remedies, Trafficked persons, Prosecution, Law enforcement,
The underlying report is the second product of the project “Good practices in the (re)integration of victims of trafficking in human beings from an empowerment perspective”. This project, financed by the Daphne-initiative of the European Union, was carried out by the Programme Bonded Labour in the Netherlands (BLinN) of Novib/Oxfam Netherlands and Humanitas in the Netherlands, together with Change and Oxfam-GB in the United Kingdom. The report continues and elaborates on the work done by Aika van der Kleij about legal provisions for victims of trafficking in human beings in six European countries. With this information on legal provisions in mind, the researchers visited organisations in the six countries to identify good practices in the field of the integration and reintegration of victims of trafficking in human beings. They looked at the real and practical work of organisations, on issues like health, housing, education, vocational training, employment and reintegration. A first draft of this report formed the input for an international seminar with 20 representatives from the organisations visited, held in April 2003, during which the discussion about good practices was developed further and some concrete recommendations were formulated.
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