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Final Report: Comprehensive Training Seminar for Law Enforcement Authorities on Good Practices in Combating Child Trafficking

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Final Report: Comprehensive Training Seminar for Law Enforcement Authorities on Good Practices in Combating Child Trafficking
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
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Awareness Raising, Prevention, Child Trafficking, Risk Groups, Root Causes, Organized crime, Law Enforcement,
Comprehensive Training for Law Enforcement Authorities Responsible for Trafficking in Children/Minors The Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Vienna is implementing the project “Comprehensive Training for Law Enforcement Authorities responsible for Child Trafficking / Minors”, which receives the financial support of the European Commission under the AGIS Programme 2005. The partners of this project are the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, the Belgian Federal Police, EUROPOL and the OSCE. This Project is placed under the activities of the Austrian Presidency of the European Union, as counter-trafficking in children has been identified as one of their priorities. This Project was developed in accordance with the recommendations identified during the Workshop for Law Enforcement on Exchange of Information, Best Practices, Lessons Learned on Trafficking in Minors (May 2004), of the AGIS 2003 project “Victim Assistance for Minors: Capacity Building via Training and Exchange of Information/ Best Practices in the EU, Candidate and Third Countries”. The aim of the project is to provide law enforcement authorities dealing with children victims of trafficking with specific skills in combating trafficking in children, to identify good practices on combating child trafficking to be presented in a Resource Book, as well as to strengthen regional and international cooperation among the participating countries. The main activities consist of a rapid assessment of the situation in the participating countries, the elaboration of a Resource Book via working groups of experts and an international training seminar. The Resource Book for law enforcement services on good practices in combating child trafficking covers the following specific topics: - interviewing techniques, - investigation methods, - cooperation between law enforcement authorities and NGOs/ social service providers, as well as - age assessment/identification.
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