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Combating the Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes. Questions and Answers

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Combating the Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes. Questions and Answers
Muireann O Briain (ed.), ECPAT, Defence for Children International
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Training Material/Resources,
Best Interests Principle, Child Victims of Trafficking, Separated Migrant Children, Unaccompanied minors, Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Child protection systems, Child Trafficking, Child Prostitution, Child Pornography,
The Multi stakeholder Training programme is the third stage of a programme to combat trafficking in children for sexual purposes from the ECPAT Europe Law Enforcement Group. Earlier ECPAT research in West, Central and Eastern Europe showed that among different stakeholders (police, social workers, state agencies) there is a lack of recognition of, and attention to, child victims of trafficking, and to the special protection and care that they need. Many professionals in law enforcement and social care organizations do not understand the effects of trafficking on children, and do not know how to work with and protect such children. The research also showed a lack of cooperation between the stakeholders. Now a training guide and a questions and answers booklet has been developed for professionals working with trafficked children and children at risk, to make them aware of the effects of trafficking on children and to make sure that these children are protected. The Q&A booklet gives concise information about and definitions of the following: trafficking in children for sexual purposes; How to recognize children at risk and child victims of trafficking; What are consequences of trafficking for children; Which legislative provisions are relevant in combating child trafficking; What kind of care and protection do trafficked children need; How to investigate child trafficking crimes; How to obtain evidence from a Child Victim of Trafficking; What is a National Referral Mechanism? Also includes list of resources.
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