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Council Conclusions of 8 May 2003

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Council Conclusions of 8 May 2003
Council of the European Union, European Union
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Human Rights approach, Integrated approach; EU instruments; International Human Rights Law, International cooperation; Inter-organisational co-operation, Multi-agency approach, International law; Holistic approach, National Rapporteurs;
On 8 May 2003, the Council of the EU adopted Conclusions concerning the Brussels Declaration. The European Parliament referred to the Brussels Declaration in a number of documents. The Brussels Declaration aimed at further developing European and international co-operation, concrete measures, standards, best practices and mechanisms and got broad support from participants of the conference. In particular, Recommendation 2 of the Brussels Declaration stipulates that, “at European level, an Experts Group, comprising representatives from governments, IGOs, NGOs, international bodies, researchers, the private sector such as the transport sector, and other stakeholders should be set up by the European Commission.”
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