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Trafficking in Human Beings... Information Material (not only) for Professionals.

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Trafficking in Human Beings... Information Material (not only) for Professionals.
La Strada Ceská Republika
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This CD-Rom is one of the outcomes of a tri-lateral Czech-Slovak-Polish project on prevention of trafficking in human beings realised in the year 2004. The three partners to the project, La Strada Czech Republic, La Strada Poland and Alianca žien Slovakia have worked together to create a tri-lateral network on combating the issue of trafficking from several aspects and to fill in the informational gap on the issue in Slovakia. The task of the Czech and the Polish La Strada was, amongst others, to transfer know-how and good practices on assistance to trafficked persons, prevention of trafficking (with a specific focus on prevention among the Roma communities) and lobby to the Slovak partner. Information and skills were delivered to the Slovak partner via three trainings tailored to the needs of the participants. The needs assessment was out in a form of direct interviews with the relevant organisations in Slovakia. The project partner organisations created this joint informational material in form of a CD in five languages: Czech, Slovak, English, Polish and Russian. The CD is designed for a wide spectrum of target group: it includes information for professionals as well as prevention materials in a printer friendly form. It contains texts about the issue of trafficking in general, specific information about the issue in the respective countries and also several analyses on particular topics within the issue of trafficking.
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