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Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings and Exploitation of Children. Study and Teacher's Manual

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Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings and Exploitation of Children. Study and Teacher's Manual
La Strada Ukraine
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Identification (of Victims), Protection, Victims of trafficking, Trafficked persons, Sex tourism, Pornography, Sexual exploitation, Palermo protocol; Child trafficking; Best Interests Principle, Child Victims of Trafficking, Separated Migrant Children, Unaccompanied minors, Family reunification, Guardian, Family Tracing, Age Assessment, Freedom from Detention, Interim Care, Health, Education, Training, Integration, Adoption, Return, Remaining in a Host Country/Country of Asylum, Child protection systems, Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Reflection period, Residency permit, Identification, Social assistance, Victim protection, Advocacy, Civil society, NGO, Human Rights approach,
This handbook provides informational material for teachers and general information on the prevention of trafficking and the exploitation of children. Chapter one provides a definition of trafficking and sketches the international and national situation in the Ukraine. Chapter two outlines the legislation on human rights protection and prevention of trafficking, internationally as well as nationally. Chapter three gives an overview of the anti-trafficking activities of the Ukrainian government from 2002 to 2004 and the role of NGOs in this activity. Chapter four provides methodic guidelines for educational activities for high school and college students, tips for travelling abroad and outlines the issue of commercial sex exploitation of children, child labour, the concept of gender and gender stereotypes and gender in the family at work and in politics.
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