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Human Trafficking - Our Response. Manual for Peer Education

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Human Trafficking - Our Response. Manual for Peer Education
Anti Trafficking Action (ASTRA), Red Cross Serbia
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Following the positive response to the peer education manual “Human Traffi cking – Our Response” and workshops which ASTRA based on this manual intended for the youth of the Red Cross of Serbia, we decided to translate and adapt it so that it could be used anywhere in Europe, as well as worldwide. We hope you will fi nd in this Manual useful and applicable information on the phenomenon known as traffi cking in human beings, human traffi cking or traffi cking in people. When you read the Manual, bear in mind that although names of persons who we talk about as traffi cked victims and their personal data are changed, their destinies, unfortunately, are neither changed nor made up. Everything we write about in the Manual is happening all around us. Although at times it may seem exaggerated, unbelievable or like something that could not happen to you or to young people you know, it is a part of our reality. The Manual is designed to off er you basic information on human traffi cking and is to be used as a tool to assist your future work with young people. Here you will fi nd basic information on running a workshop (if you already know how, sorry). This section also includes several suggested workshop ideas.
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