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Race, Gender and Sex on the Net: Semantic Networks of Selling and Storytelling Sex Tourism

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Race, Gender and Sex on the Net: Semantic Networks of Selling and Storytelling Sex Tourism
Peter A. Chow-White, Media Culture Society 2006; 28; 883
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Victims (of trafficking), Trafficked persons, Clients, Recruitment, Sexual exploitation, Internet, Child exploitation, Prevention, Law enforcement, Labour exploitation,
The type of society emerging from globalization has been characterized as one based around flows of information and networks. The crucial pathways to sources of domination and change in globalization lie in having access to the network and its internal logics. In this new, global dynamic ‘the power of flows takes precedence over the flows of power’ Sex tourism on the internet is at the confluence of issues of race, gender, sexuality, technology and globalization. Increasingly, information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as the internet, are playing a particularly significant role not only in the promotion and packaging of sex tourism but of a new type of global surveillance of bodies, race and desire. Cyberspace enables sex tourists to build deeper connections between the racialization, sexualization and commodification of sex workers’ bodies and Western masculinity. This study investigates how discourses of race, gender, sexuality and the market intersect online in sex tourism websites. The selling of sex tourism and sex tourist storytelling are structured in a manner where neither race, sexuality, gender, nor the market overdetermine the character of the discourse.
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