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Child Trafficking: the Worst Face of the World

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Child Trafficking: the Worst Face of the World
Silvia Scarpa, Global Migration Perspectives No. 40
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Global Commission on International Migration, Best Interests Principle, Child Victims of Trafficking, Separated Migrant Children, Unaccompanied minors, Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Child protection systems, Child Trafficking, Child Prostitution, Child Pornography,
The purpose of this article is to offer an overview on child trafficking; it briefly analyses the global phenomenon of trafficking in human beings and focuses on the major regional trends in child trafficking and the international response to this phenomenon. As regards the latter, an overview of international treaty law, soft law instruments and special mechanisms will underline the positive aspects of, as well as existing gaps in, the protection of child victims of human trafficking.The issue of trafficking in persons, and particularly in children, can be investigatedfrom various points of view; trafficking is a criminal, a moral, a migration, a humanrights, a public order, a labour and a gender issue. However, for the scope of thisstudy it will only be analysed from a human rights perspective.
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