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Demand Side of Human Trafficking in Asia: Empirical Findings

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Demand Side of Human Trafficking in Asia: Empirical Findings
International Labour Office (ILO)
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Sex work, Sexual exploitation, Clients, Demand, Sexual exploitation, Labour exploitation, Labour exploitation, Domestic labour,
This research report explores the demand side of trafficking and presents empirical findings from five countries; Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia. Based on interviews with employers, consumers/clients and third parties in five different sectors; commercial sex, domestic labour, organized begging, fireworks production and child soldiers, the report illuminates the complexity of trafficking. Overall, the research suggests that trafficking from a demand-side perspective should be seen as a combination of client/consumer desires at an indirect level, employers' and third parties' more direct interest in controlling and exploiting women and children in informal sectors, and the unregulated characteristics of these sectors that make exploitation common, easy and often a no- or low risk activity for the exploiters
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