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Human Trafficking Resource Package. Stop Abuse. Report Abuse. Keep out Off-Limits Locations

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Human Trafficking Resource Package. Stop Abuse. Report Abuse. Keep out Off-Limits Locations
Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations
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Violence, Human rights violation, Crime against humanity, War crime, Armed conflict, Post-conflict situation, Terrorism,
As the demands on UN peacekeepers have increased around the world, so have the pressures. Inevitably these pressures can lead to instances where peacekeepers break faith with the very people they have come to protect. Thus, in recent years investigative reports and media inquiries have shed light on various abuses against vulnerable individuals, particularly women and children, abuses that have become increasingly prevalent in UN peacekeeping environments. One of the most disturbing aspects of this abuse involves trafficking — the recruitment or transfer of persons, by force, abduction or deception for exploitation. In all instances, under all conditions, United Nations peacekeeping personnel are required to maintain the highest standards of integrity and conduct. Although peacekeeping operations have different categories of personnel (military, civilian police and civilian) they are all expected to adhere to and uphold the same standard of conduct. Thus under UN standards, any involvement of peacekeeping personnel in trafficking or any other form of sexual exploitation or abuse constitutes not only a human rights abuse, but is an act of serious misconduct and grounds for disciplinary measures such as dismissal or repatriation. This training manual was developed to help personnel understand their obligations under the UN standard and to ensure that all personnel recognize the enormity of the crime of human trafficking. It responds to the increased occurrence of trafficking in UN Peacekeeping Missions and targets the overall lack of awareness both within DPKO and among peacekeeping personne
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