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Here to Stay? Refugee Voices in Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine

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Here to Stay? Refugee Voices in Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)
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Migrant rights; Migration management; Comprehensive approach to migration; Migration policy; Restrictive migration measures, Irregular Migration, Feminization of migration, Economic migration, Labour migration, Free movement, Undocumented migrants; Undocumented labour;
ECRE has recently published a collection of refugee stories based on interviews conducted over summer 2008 by refugee-assisting organisations in Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as part of ECRE's project "The Protection of Refugees, asylum seekers and forced migrants" funded by the European Union. ECRE's NGO project partners in the four countries interviewed 100 asylum seekers, recognised refugees, internally displaced persons and refused applicants identified from among their own client groups. ECRE has published a collection of 40 of these stories. Some of the people interviewed were keen to speak publicly about their experiences and most had strong opinions about the asylum system they had encountered, and the situation they found themselves in. The stories have been gathered from a wide geographical area, from the North Caucasus to the borders of the European Union. The publication is available on the ECRE website in English and Russian.
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