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The right to compensation for victims of human trafficking in Bulgaria

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The right to compensation for victims of human trafficking in Bulgaria
Animus Association Foundation/La Strada Bulgaria
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trafficking, compensation, Bulgaria
Trafficking in human beings (THB) is a gross violation of fundamental human rights. In most cases trafficked persons are subject to humiliations, including physical, psychological, emotional and sexual violence. According to several international legislative documents, survivors of trafficking have the right to claim compensation for the damages they have suffered.
The current study examines what remedies for claiming compensation are available in Bulgaria. The study will investigate and analyse the process of claiming compensation for victims of human trafficking, thereby identifying the obstacles which need to be overcome in order to claim compensation.
Firstly, the phenomenon of human trafficking in Bulgaria will be analysed. The root causes of trafficking will be described briefly. Secondly, the international legal framework will be outlined and in particular the legally binding documents, ratified by the Bulgarian government.
Next, the study will present the available mechanisms and procedures for claiming compensation and the main focus will be on the Crime Victim Assistance and Compensation Act. In this part the obstacles which survivors of trafficking encounter when filing a claim and receiving compensation will be examined. For the purpose of the study, some interviews have been conducted with experts in the field of human trafficking. Their opinions and recommendations will be shared.
The country study will conclude with recommendations on how the identified obstacles could be overcome and will include recommendations for amendment of the current legislation.
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