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La Strada Poland was one of the founding members of the La Strada network in 1995. The Foundation was founded in February and registered in September 1996. Next to the national coordinator, the office employs eight persons, including a prevention manager, a victim support manager, a hotline consultant and a social worker.

In the past ten years, La Strada Poland has become an (inter)nationally acknowledged specialised and professional expert and advisory centre on the issue of trafficking in women. In the framework of the National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Women, La Strada cooperates with governmental institutions as well as with NGOs, at the national and international level. La Strada Poland significantly improved the social assistance aspect of her work by developing a crises intervention centre and a new La Strada shelter for trafficked persons. In the three fields of La Strada activities: lobby, prevention and social assistance, La Strada Poland responds to changes, new trends and developments in the relevant geopolitical field.

Information & Lobby

PolandThe main focus of this campaign is to mirror and react to the changing political and social situation in Poland, with a strong emphasis on monitoring the countries changing role and the shift towards becoming mainly a country of destination. More than ever, it is important that awareness is raised on the issue of trafficking and migration and on social political issues connected with both, not only among the general public, but especially among the law enforcement and service providers. La Strada Poland participates in the working group that implements and monitors the "National action programme to combat and prevent trafficking in persons in Poland". La Strada is also involved in a research on changes and consequences of EU accession for Poland and two major countries of origin - Belarus and Ukraine - and on monitoring the impact of EU accession and the changing role of Poland both, as a country of origin and a country of destination.

Prevention & Education

La Strada Poland provides information focused on legal job opportunities abroad (EU countries) and as well as on safe job migration. The focus is also put on other forms of trafficking than only into the prostitution and sex industry -specifically dealing with forced labour, slavery-like practices, domestic work and/or begging. In cooperation with partner organisations from countries of origin - Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldavia - a special education campaign for "at risk" groups in countries of origin is being implemented. The main focus is to disseminate information about the changing Polish labour market after EU accession and about safe labour migration to Poland.

Social Assistance

The crises intervention centre has become an integral part of the social assistance process and the shelter for trafficked persons is fully used by domestic as well as migrant clients. New activities within this programme include organising short internships and on-site training in the La Strada Poland office for representatives of other national and international NGO service providers, and training for representatives of state social and welfare institutions and charity organisations.

Latest news

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6 Point Action Plan for governments to improve access to compensation

6 Point Action Plan for governments to improve access to compensation 

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Surveys launched for professional stakeholders to identify knowledge and practice in the field of compensaton for victims of crime.

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