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On the occasion of the 6th EU Anti-Trafficking Day, La Strada International, together with CCME, Terre Des Hommes, ECPAT, Anti Slavery International, KOK and Lefoe present the Civil society Commentary on the EU strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings. We wholeheartedly welcome the new EU strategy on trafficking in Human Beings and its ambitious aim to eradicate trafficking – a vision we share.

In the Commentary, the NGOs offer a number of recommendations and observations to guide the implementation of the strategy over the next years. 

This commentary focuses on a number of key activities best undertaken by the EU as well as activities requiring implementation on the national level. It also highlights a number of issues where a priority or action needs further elaboration in order to be implemented according to a human rights-centred approach.

We affirm the willingness and readiness of civil society to assist with and advise on the implementation of the strategy and the directive at its heart, so that our common vision will become true: that trafficking will be eradicated!

Latest news

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On the ninth EU Anti-Trafficking Day, La Strada International calls for improved labour protection for all (migrant) workers and increased identification of trafficked persons in all sectors of the economy.