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Leading NGOs urge Member States to act and propose specific actions for implementation

On 18 October, the European Commission is launching the European Day on Anti-Trafficking to raise awareness about this gross violation of human rights. La Strada International, together with leading NGOs working on women's, children's, workers' and migrants' rights and active against trafficking in human beings in Europe, welcome the Commission initiative, and in particular its call for action.

After drafting numerous treaties, resolutions and action plans, and organising conferences and hearings, it is time to start implementing measures in order to end the human rights violations that are the result as well as the cause of trafficking in human beings, and to protect trafficked persons at the national, European and international level.

In order to really make progress in preventing and combating human trafficking, the signatories to the common NGO Statement TIME FOR ACTION, which will be presented at the launch of the EU Anti-Trafficking Day in Brussels, propose a series of specific actions. As well as urging governments to sign, ratify and implement the relevant Conventions, the signatories call for concrete steps to be taken to facilitate legal (labour) migration, to identify trafficked persons and support and protect them, as well as to ensure access to an effective remedy, including remuneration.

At the policy level, measures must follow a coherent holistic human rights-compliant approach. Furthermore, the policy impact on the human rights situation on the ground must be monitored in a comprehensive manner. Finally, National Referral Mechanisms must be implemented to ensure coordination of all stakeholders and independent national rapporteurs should be appointed to ensure effective monitoring.

Considering it is time for action, we welcome the new EU documents that will be discussed today, namely, the "Recommendations on standards and best practices on national mechanisms for identification and assistance of victims of trafficking in human beings" and the "Assessment Manual for Measuring Responses to Trafficking in Human Beings in the European Union". We call on Member States to endorse and prepare for the implementation of these instruments in national policies and measures.

To download the NGO statement click here
For further information please get in touch with Marieke van Doorninck on mvd@ or +31 6 50 62 63 40

Signatories: ALC, Alternative Sociale Association, Amnesty International EU Office, Associazione On the Road, Astra - Anti-Trafficking Action, Ban Ying, BlinN, CCME, ECPAT International, FIZ, For Happy Childhood - Macedonian Association Supporting Families and Children at Risk, Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, Human Rights Defence Center, Terre des Hommes, ISCOS-Cisl, KOK, La Strada offices from Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine, Lefö, Macedonian Women's Rights Centre, PAG-ASA, PICUM, Plan Europe, Proyecto Esperanza, Save the Children Europe Group, SRTV.


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