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News | ODIHR and UN Women launch survey on the impact of Covid-19 on Human Trafficking

The purpose of this survey - available in 25 languages - is to provide insights on the impact of the coronavirus on human trafficking. There are two versions of the survey, one aimed at survivors of trafficking and the other aimed at NGO/IGO staff. The insights gained will be used to develop short-term and mid-term policy recommendations for governments, the UN, civil society and other stakeholders and will be based on a human rights-based, gender-sensitive and victim-centered approach to trafficking in persons during and post COVID-19.
It has been recognised by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, the increased vulnerabilities caused by this pandemic, and the challenges it poses including the disruption in access to services, identification of victims of trafficking and the increasing role of technology in human trafficking.
The surveys are active until 11 May 2020:

If you are a survivor of trafficking, please click this link:

If you are a staff of an NGO or IGO, please click this link:

Latest news

LSI joins calls for the UN to address human rights violations in Belarus

La Strada International has joined civil society from across Europe such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to call on the UN Human Rights Council to convene a Special Session to address the human rights violations committed in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential elections in Belarus.

Brief on the Impact of Covid-19 on Ukrainian Labour Migrants in the EU

ICMPD has published a new policy brief on the Impact of COVID-19 on Ukrainian Labour Migrants in 4 European countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Italy.

The policy brief scrutinises the main effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Ukrainian labour migrants. Labour migrants from Ukraine form the largest group of foreign workers in the European Union (EU) and large populations are working in Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary.

New EU Strategy on Victim's Rights

On June 24, the European Commission published its Strategy on Victims’ Rights (2020-2025) and promoting five key priorities.

ECHR publishes judgement on Article 4 - Prohibition of Slavery & Forced Labour

On June 25th, the Grand Chamber of the ECHR published its judgment in the case of S.M. v. Croatia finding unanimously, that there had been a violation of Article 4 (Prohibition of Slavery/Prohibition of Forced Labour) of the European Convention on Human Rights.