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News | OSCE report for Moldova

The OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, published recommendations to the Moldovan Government to advance continuing efforts to prevent human trafficking, assist trafficked persons and bring perpetrators to justice.

The recommendations are based on the Special Representative’s visit to the country in October and November last year, which included direct consultations with high-level government officials, and non-governmental organisations on the situation in the country, with special emphasis on trafficking for labour exploitation and child trafficking.

In her recommendations, the Special Representative called on the Moldovan Government to sustain political commitment to anti-trafficking action by encouraging parliamentary hearings on the issue, enhance child protection measures to better prevent child trafficking and curb fraudulent recruitment practices in order to detect and prevent labour trafficking.

Another recommendation is to strengthen the law enforcement and criminal justice response, including through ensuring legislative consistency between the Criminal Code and the Anti-Trafficking Law, and providing regular extensive training for law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and pro bono and legal aid lawyers representing victims.

La Strada Moldova welcomes the conclusions and recommendations of the Special Representative but stresses the need for better coordination and cooperation of the different THB-monitoring reports of international organisations, so as to avoid duplication of efforts and acquire a more comprehensive picture of the situation with human trafficking in Moldova.

In addition, La Strada Moldova is satisfied with the newly adopted National Action Plan, which was prepared with its expert opinion and recommendations.


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