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The International Women's Rights Center "La Strada Ukraine" (registered in March 1998) works in the field of prevention of trafficking in persons, especially women and children, the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence in society, promotion and protection of human rights, gender equality and children's rights.

Despite the difficult working conditions in Ukraine, marked by political and economic instability, La Strada has extended its campaigns, improved their quality and geographical scope in the past years, and has laid a firm basis for an independent, expert Ukrainian NGO against trafficking in people. La Strada Ukraine continually strives towards professionalization and independence and develops new topics and forms of activity in the field. The organisation has developed special expertise and knowledge on trafficking in children, prevention of gender violence and human rights activities in the past years and cooperates closely with child rights organisations, human rights organisation and women's rights organisations in Ukraine and abroad.

The work programme of La Strada Ukraine covers prevention, information, lobby and direct assistance, which comprise the following activities:

Improvement of state policy and research

  • researches on human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, violence, discrimination and human rights abuses
  • improvement of national legislation
  • participation in the development of international legislation
  • cooperation with governmental, non-governmental and international organisations

La Strada Ukraine participated in the development and implementation of the State Programmes on Combating trafficking in persons in 1999, 2002 and 2007. The Centre is actively involved in the monitoring the implementation of the State Anti-Trafficking Programme (2007-2010). It contributed to the drafting of the National Action Plan for Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for 2006-2010 and lobbied for its adoption. Other specific issues for lobby activity include working on development of standards for work with trafficked persons, ensuring compensation for trafficked persons, and strengthening the sustainability of civil society initiatives in Ukraine. La Strada Ukraine also contributed to the development and adoption of the anti-trafficking law, the National action plan for gender equality and other related legal documents. The Centre's experts participate in the work of the Public Councils at the Ministry of Interior as well as in the work of the mobile groups on monitoring the human rights at the detention centres.

Prevention and Education Campaign

  • Conducting educational activities among youth on prevention of human trafficking and other human rights violations
  • Conducting trainings, seminars, round tables and conferences for specialists
  • Preparing, publishing and disseminating educational and methodological guidelines
  • Developing, publishing and distributing information and prevention materials
  • Cooperating with national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations in Ukraine and abroad to form common strategies of preventive work aimed at combating human trafficking and elimination of all forms of discrimination

La Strada Ukraine is a national centre for development of scientific and methodological materials devoted to the prevention of human trafficking and the promotion of gender equality.

Information Campaign

  • Cooperation with mass media and implementing information campaigns
  • Creation and dissemination of public service announcements on issues related to trafficking and gender-based violence
  • Organisation of round table discussions and conferences on the problem of trafficking in people and related human rights issues
  • Provision of information on the above-mentioned issues on the website and publishing background information on specific problems
  • Preparation and distribution of a newsletter and information bulletins.

Social Assistance Campaign

  • Offering social assistance to trafficked persons (medical, psychological and legal support, short-term shelter, accompanying and referring clients)
  • Organising and providing social assistance and consultations to victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment at work place and other forms of abuse
  • Organising and providing assistance to children who suffered from human trafficking, sexual exploitation and violence
  • Assisting in searching for missing Ukrainian citizens who have disappeared abroad and assisting them in returning to Ukraine
  • Cooperating with diplomatic authorities of foreign countries in Ukraine and diplomatic authorities of Ukraine abroad to provide social assistance
  • Strengthening the cooperation with international, governmental and non-governmental organisations providing assistance to trafficked people
  • Preparing, publishing and distributing information materials for trafficked persons and those who have suffered from violence.

Hotline operation

  • Running the National Toll Free Hotline on prevention of trafficking in persons and National Toll Free Hot Line on prevention of violence and protection of children's rights.
  • Providing consultation (by phone and online) on, for example, work or study abroad, marrying foreigners, safe migration, violence issues and children's rights protection, etc.
  • Providing psychological assistance for trafficked persons and survivors of violence.
  • Running and updating a database for consulting on the problem of trafficking in persons, domestic violence, children's rights.
  • Organising and conducting round table discussions, seminars and conferences for hotline consultants, and conducting trainings on organising and running hotlines.
  • Preparing and publishing informational and methodological materials for hot line counselling

Internet hotline on child pornography counteraction

  • Operation of the Internet hotline and website administration
  • Cooperation with national and international stakeholders

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